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as much as I love FlipaClip, there is one event that I find VRY annoying.

The strokes o latest ios on an iPad 12.9 gets slow before they hit the final Apple Pencil tip.

There is a certain amount of lag that prevents the user feel comfortable with the sketching experience into the app.

Please note that this is already fixed in other apps like procreate in which NO lagging is apparent.

Can’t we have eventually a real-time representation of Apple Pencil strokes without any kind of delay/lag ?


The app is perfect it is this feature -along with undo/redo gestures- that I am missing still

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Quote from Tristratos


According to the latest ipadOs,Pencil kit api, offers significant Apple Pencil speed improvement.

In fact according to this article:

The new APIs require just three lines of code for developers to get the same low latency, UI, and tool palette that Apple uses for Pencil. That includes the drop from 20 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds latency that Apple announced during its unveiling of iPadOS.

You may view from apple’s Site link below how to do that:

Is there ANY. Nance to make flipaclip lighting fast after all?


Hey! Sorry, not responding to your other post. So we are working on a much-improved draw engine. The main focus is to improved response time and to use all Apple Pencil features! ETA... well can't give any but once any news is available I'll make sure to let you know here.



Any update on. This issue ?


Hopefully not to take away from Tristratos's issue, but I am also seeing a delay on my google pixelbook strokes when the app is fullscreened, the default window size does not lag. There was about a weeks time maybe a month or two ago (Don't quote me), where the lag disappeared, but then returned after that. 

   10452.96.0 (Official Build) stable-channel eve


   Currently on stable

ARC Version 



   537.36 (@) 



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Thanks for posting about this. Any chance you can record a video showing the lag on your ipad? Would need to use another device to do the recording. This is just to confirm what type of lag you get. In general our draw engine is fairly fast but there are areas of improvement such as Apple Pencil predictive touch points. We are already planning on revamping our draw engine and we will definitely be exploring this extra data from the Apple Pencil to improve lag.



Just saw your response (I wish this forum would sent an email directly to my email box notifying me whenever any new post is added - if it did I just missed it)

Anyway, in the following link you may find the video that showcases the issue.

That is shot from an iPhone while I was scrubbing the issue in an iPad Pro 1st gen with the pencil brush.

Please note that no other app was running simultaneously in the background. It is only the FlipaClip on its own.

As you may see from it, the engine can hardly keep up the initial information drawn from the Apple Pencil and as you may see it just approximates the drawn curve than being an accurate one in the very end.

The example just shows a circle being drawn (which is a vital step in general) but of course same happens with any shape. It misses the first and very important information drawn.

PLEASE fix this nasty issue. It brakes the nice overall experience from the app. If there is any additional information needed, please let me know so that I may provide it accordingly.

P.S. btw, other than this, I also miss the under/redo gestures (with two and three finger tapping that is almost set as default nowadays) instead of having to manually go away and hit the icon itself. Any chance for that also?



Did you check the video?

Did you manage to recreate the lag issue ?

Any chance we might expect this to be fixed ?

If so, how soon that might be/?

Please keep us posted



Could you please update us on this?



Will you PLEASE inform us in regard to this ?



Please let us know about this issue.

FlipaClip is nice but still such initial lag makes it look unprofessional and unusefull. All other apps like procreate and clipstudio do NOT have such drawing lag.

And that on a full blown iPad Pro 12.9 1st gen!

Even less capable iOS apps (like animatica/ rough animator manage to be better than FlipaClip in this respect with no apparent lag.

The strokes NEED to be real-time and perfectly accurate to be of any meaning.

Having lines -due to lag- where Apple Pencil draws a curves is unacceptable!


Should we expect a decent fix for this buggy behaviour?

If that is already in the works I would be GLAD to beta test and help this move forward

PLEASE keep us posted

An answer from you as to what to expect and when is highly appreciated!



So many app updates, still the fundamental issue with strokes being lagged using Apple Pencil as shown in

Is NOT fixed

Should we expect ANY update on this soon?

Your response is highly appreciated of what to expect


I am having a similar problem. It's very frustrating.

I've found the following scenarios:

  1. If ONLY my stylus is touching and no part of my hand, there's NO lag.
  2. If i rest the palm of my hand down FIRST then draw with the stylus, there's NO lag.
  3. But if i start drawing and my palm touches from time to time, there IS lag.

The frustrating thing is while drawing the palm/heel of your hand will come on and off the surface. So it's easy for the lag to come in and out. I don't think it's natural to always draw with your hand hovering and not touching the screen. Also unrealistic to place your hand down first before the stylus touches. 

I've also tried the different options (stylus only, stylus and touch) and I don't see a difference between the two. It's a huge drawback for drawing. I would try reinstalling the app but i'm afraid of losing my projects. 

I'm using a first generation ipad pro.