Some Ideas! :)

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I think that a few, if not all, of the following would really help to improve the app in my opinion. :) 

• A 'blur' tool. 

• Being able to scrub the audio. (If that isn't already planned out, since the audio idea is already being worked on from what I've seen. ^^)

• More layers! It feels like 3 just isn't enough! :,0 

• Being able to REALLY tween. 

• Being able to move the camera around during the animation without having to select a space and then zoom in. (A great example of this would be the Stick Nodes app.) 

Just some friendly suggestions! Thanks! 


Being able to make a transparent background in mp4


and PLEASE consider adding thinner lineart

Fhil andrei De leon

add perspective/skew tool in selection tool to make more 3d feel...just like warping

Froilan De Leon

add blending tool and hand-shake stabilizer..and smudge pen

kayla sarnacki

Being able to change the duration of frames so one frame could be .10 sec while the next could be .15 sec I would LOVE to see this!!!!!!!!!!!

Igor Mitrovic
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